Class Reception Desk

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Features Features

  • 33mm Manufactured Stone Top 250D 
  • 2Pack Gloss White 60mm Thick Front and Sides 
  • 520mm Clearance Under Hob
  • 25mm Melamine DeskTop with 2x Cable Holes
  • Raised Stone Hob on 50×50 Metal Tube
  • Decorative front Detail
  • 80mm High Silver Kick Panel
  • 1800L x 950D x 1250H
  • Stone is Packaged in a Timber Crate 

Options Product Options

  • CLASS18: 1800L x 950D x 1250H (2ML) 

Dimensions Dimensions

Class Reception Desk

Assembled: 1800L x 950D x 1250H 

3 Cartons: 210KG / 0.40m3 

A. 1235L x 865W x 140H / 69KG 

B. 1865L x 1205W x 105H / 111KG 

C. 1865L x 315W x 50H / 30KG