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Features Features

  • 25mm top
  • 50×50 Powdercoated Frames
  • Adjustable Feet 30mm
  • 2x Support Beams per Table
  • 10 Year Warranty

Options Product Options

Frame and Top

  • ST-T126: 1200L x 600W
  • ST-T156: 1500L x 600W
  • ST-T1275:  1200L x 750W
  • ST-T1575: 1500L x 750W
  • ST-T1875: 1800L x 750W
  • ST-T189: 1800L x 900W
  • ST-T219: 2100L x 900W
  • ST-T1812: 1800L x 1200W
  • ST-T2412: 2400L x 1200W

Frame Only

  • ST-126: 1200L x 600W
  • ST-156: 1500L x 600W
  • ST-1275:  1200L x 750W
  • ST-1575: 1500L x 750W
  • ST-1875: 1800L x 750W
  • ST-189: 1800L x 900W
  • ST-219: 2100L x 900W
  • ST-1812: 1800L x 1200W
  • ST-2412: 2400L x 1200W

Dimensions Dimensions

Please refer to Specsheet for carton breakdown

ST-T96 (900L x 600W)

3 Cartons

ST-T126 (1200L x 600W)

3 Cartons

ST-T1275 (1200L x 750W)

3 Cartons

ST-T156 (1500L x 600W)

3 Cartons

ST-T1575 (1500L x 750W)

3 Cartons

ST-T189 (1800L x 900W)

4 Cartons

ST-T219 (2100L x 900W)

4 Cartons

ST-T1812 (1800L x 1200W)

4 Cartons

ST-T2412 (2400L x 1200W)

4 Cartons