Round Leg Fixed Back to Back Desks

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Additional information

Additional information


1500 x 750 with Cable Tray, 1800 x 750 with Cable Tray, 1500 x 750 w/o Cable Tray, 1800 x 750 w/o Cable Tray


Black/White, White/White, Black/Wild Oak, White/Wild Oak



  • White or Black powder coated frames
  • Round leg profile design
  • 70mm leg DIA
  • Cutouts included in Cable Tray
  • 25mm thick worktop with cable scallop
  • Frame with Cable Tray is suitable for tops 1500 and 1800
  • Frame without Cable Tray can suit tops 1200-1800
  • Suits minimum 700mm deep tops
  • Fixed height of 700mm
  • Cable tray includes brackets for screen



EDR-FB2B (Frame Only)

3 Cartons: 
1.  1375L x 315W x 275H mm
– GW 28kg
2.   1375L x 315W x 275H mm
– GW 28kg
3.   1325L x 535W x 145H mm
– GW 18.4kg



EDR-FXB2B-C-15: 1500 x 750 with Cable Tray
EDR-FXB2B-C-18: 1800 x 750 with Cable Tray
EDR-FXB2B-15: 1500 x 750 w/o Cable Tray
EDR-FXB2B-18: 1800 x 750 w/o Cable Tray
EDR-FXB2B-C-F15: Frame Only 1500 x 750 with Cable Tray
EDR-FXB2B-C-F18: Frame Only 1800 x 750 with Cable Tray
EDR-FB2B: Frame Only 1500 – 1800 x 750 w/o Cable Tray

HY-B2B-1780 – 24mm B2B Acoustic Screen 1780 x 800 – Available in Grey / Charcoal Flint

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Features Features

    • Suitable Top 1500 – 2100
    • Triple Stage lifting system capable of lifting 140kg at 38mm per second
    • Dual Motor Frame
    • 3 Stage solid round leg design (70mm DIA) 
    • Anti Collision technology
    • Height range of 665mm to 1315mm with 25mm top
    • Black and White powder coated frames


    • 3-Digital display shows the height of the desk
    • Mounted under tabletop
    • Dual USB Chargers included in control panel
    • Bluetooth connectivity to ‘Stand Up Pls’ app

    About the APP:

    The app, STAND UP PLS, provides a smarter and easier way to adjust your ergonomic desk. It allows you to control the height adjustable desk with seamless integration from your mobile device via Bluetooth.

    APP Features:

    • Bluetooth synchronisation
    • Memory function
    • Customised sit/stand cycle
    • Tracking/ calculating of calories burned
    • Safety support- error alarm notices

    How the App Works:

    Bluetooth synchronisation allows users to easily control the desk’s movement, including memory function capability of up to two height positions from their phone.

Options Product Options

  • ED-2: Frame ONLY (Suits Top 1200L-1900L) 

View our tops to add to your frame.

Dimensions Dimensions

ED2 (Frame only)

1 Carton: 1075L x 315W x 220H

34KG / 0.074m3